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Due to the overwhelming spike of pre-orders in the last week of the campaign, we have decided to extend the availability to Pre-Order the Metaball Fitness System to ensure that our customers can still receive the special discounted Pre-Order rate before the Metaball Fitness System goes on sale to the general public in 2015. All Pre-Orders will be guaranteed to arrive in time for the Holidays.
Metaball has been in development for over 7 years and we are finally ready to bring manufacturing to the USA & this revolutionary new piece of exercise equipment to you.


Created by the world renowned fitness expert, Greg Plitt, Metaball is the only equipment you will ever need to get the body you've always wanted. Metaball is a revolutionary new piece of exercise equipment combined with 12 expert workouts designed by Greg Plitt to help transform and give you the body of your dreams! Metaball’s unique patented adjustable design allows it to replace racks of kettlebells, medicine balls, and dumbbells that take up valuable home space, saving not only space but a huge cost! Metaball Fitness System packs and travels easily to the office, beach, bedroom, backyard, or hotel room on your business trip so you never loose a workout session again! If you have a will, Metaball has your way and takes all the guess-work and excuses out of the equation that hold you back to being the person you’ve known you always could be…..isn’t it about time you become that person!!

Check out just some of our boot camp participants and the weight they list:

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Check out what the Metaball Fitness System Replaces:

(Hint: Replaces NINE Different Types of Equipment)

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Try It All Before You Buy It All - Three Easy Payments Plan

Reserve your Pre-Order today for the Ultimate Accelerated Package for only $69.95, once your product is ready to ship you will be charged $80.00 and 30 days after the 2nd charge you will be charged a final $80.00.

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In the "Get Started Now Body Transformation" Package You get:

Get Started Now Transformation Package Includes:

  • 1 specially designed and patented Metaball 
  • 2 2.5lb Metaweights
  • 90 day body transformation tracker calendar, designed to  make your body transformation simple and take all the excuses away 
  • The Metaball quick-start weight loss plan
  • Greg Plitt’s body transformation guide
  • Signature Metaball moves chart
  • All around Metaball in action instructions
  • 6 Greg Plitt’s signature Metaball workout’s DVD 
  • 2 Greg Plitt’s short- on- time workouts DVD (when your in a hurry, don't miss a workout)


In the "Deluxe Accelerated Body Transformation" Package You get:


Includes the Metaball Get Started Now Transformation Package PLUS:

  • Metabands, the accelerator band kit allowing you to do many additional exercises designed exclusively by Greg Plitt to accelerate your progress
  • Metaball  door attachment, fits most any door to add many more fun exercise moves designed exclusively by greg plitt  to accelerate your progress 
  • 2 special Greg Plitt DVD workouts designed exclusively for the Metabands and Metadoor kit to accelerate your body transformation
  • 2 additional 2.25lb  metaweights, to use as you grow stronger and progress


In the "Ultimate Accelerated Body Transformation" Package You get:
Includes the Metaball Deluxe Transformation Package PLUS:
  • 2 specially designed and patented Metarings for a superior  deeper and transforming push-up  
  • 2 specially designed and patented  Metasandals to shape and sculpt your full lower body, butt, thighs, calves
  • The Greg Plitt designed workout exclusively for metarings
  • The Greg Plitt designed workout exclusively for Metasandals
  • 2 additional 2.5lb Metaweights weights to give you maximum weight advantage
  • The Metabag, designed especially to carry your all your Metaball equipment in style.


Detailed Product Information:

Metaball: An entire gym inside a ball! Delivers hundreds of exercises with the click of a button!

Replaces: Medicine Balls (in increments up to 20lbs.) Dumb Bells (in 2.5 pound increments up to a pair of 10 lb. dumb bells or a single 20 lb dumb bell). Push Up Bars, and Kettle Bells (in increments up to 20 lbs.)



MetaWEIGHTS: Compact weights that are easily inserted into your Metaball to increase difficulty.

Replaces: A whole rack of Free Weights and Weighted Medicine Balls



Signature Workout DVDs: Greg shares six of his personal, unique fat burning body-sculpting workouts, so you can get in the best shape of your life!

  • Athletic Fat Burner      • Cardio Speed Trials
  • Cardio Master Burn      • Upper Body Transformation
  • Lower Body Transformation      • Sports Stretch



ABSolute Power DVD: 

Greg takes you through an extensive ab workout to get you lean and shredded.




Cardio Assault DVD: 

Use your Metaball for an intense cardio workout that will burn fat and get your metabolism boosting.




Signature Moves Wall Chart: Learn the details of Greg Plitt’s one-of-a-kind techniques that are used throughout the six core workouts. You can use these Signature Moves as a stand-alone full body workout!



Nutrition Guide With Quick Start Weight Loss Plan: Helps you make the best nutrition decisions for your body to keep you on track with your health goals. Greg answers some of the most commonly asked nutrition questions, gives you tips for eating health on the go and even shares some of his favorite recipes.




90 day Transformation Tracker: A simple tool to easily track your progress to maximize results. Your own customized plan for cardio, weight training, stretching and rest days are built right into the appropriate days so you’ll never have to think. The only decision you’ll need to make is that you’re ready to workout!




Body Transformation Guide: Follow along with this comprehensive booklet chock filled with helpful information, motivational tips and personal tricks from Greg Plitt on exactly how to get that sexy new body. It’s like having Greg as your own personal trainer.



About Greg Plitt:

Greg Plitt has appeared on the covers of more than 200 fitness magazines and is considered America’s #1 Fitness Model. In 2009 Greg launched his legendary fitness website, GREGPLITT.COM that has transformed tens of thousands of men and women’s bodies and self-confidence through his inspirational Mind/Body fitness philosophy. You’ve also seen him on TV in Bravo’s "Workout", HGTV’s "Designed to Sell” and on the big screen in “The Watchmen” as the blue physique of Dr Manhattan. Greg has twice appeared with Robert DeNiro in the films “The Good Shepard” and “Grudge Match” with DeNiro and Sylvester Stallone. Greg has been the face of Thierry Mugler’s worldwide fragrance campaigns Angel Men and Ice Men. Before his acting and modeling career, Greg was a two-time All-American wrestler, a graduate of West Point, The U.S. Military Academy, a U.S. Army Ranger, a Master Fitness Trainer, a former U.S. Army Captain and Company Commander of 184 soldiers, as well as, a PRO-rated skydiver with more than 2500 jumps to date. View more about Greg on his site at


Don't miss your chance to be included in the launch of this revolutionary fitness project.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is everything on this site certified by a doctor?

    The content and other information presented by the Metaball Fitness System is not intended as a substitute for medical counseling. Before starting the Metaball Fitness System, including product usage, workouts, fitness advice or diet advice, consult your physician to determine if it is right for you. Do not start the Metaball Fitness System if your physician or health care provider advises against it.

  • Who do I contact about additional questions?

    You may email us at

  • Have I seen this before?

    View Greg's personal video response here.

  • What is the Metaball Quick Start Weight Loss Plan?

    The Metaball Quick Start Weight Loss plan is an easy to follow, educational and comprehensive system providing you with all the tools you need to help you reach your weight loss goals and amplify your fitness results. The Metaball Nutrition handbook provides you with many weight loss tips and strategies to help you navigate social eating situations, as well as everyday life. It teaches the importance of balanced, nutrient-rich meals, and includes sample meal plans and easy recipes to help you on your way to success.

  • How much time does it take?

    The Metaball workouts are time efficient, offering challenging cardiovascular training along with full body toning all in one workout session. A typical Metaball workout takes approximately 30 minutes from warm up to cool down. You are welcome to do two workouts in one session, which will take your workout time to approximately one hour total.

  • Are the Metaball System workouts appropriate for all fitness levels?

    Absolutely! The Metaball System is designed to meet you where you are right now in your fitness journey. Metaball workouts are designed to incrementally grow with your own personal goals. Because the workout DVDs include a "modifier" and an "accelerator" to follow, you will be able to easily adapt the entire workout to your specific needs.

  • Can I take Metaball with me when I travel?

    Yes! The Metaball is very portable and can easily fit inside a suitcase, or even a carry on at the airport or gym bag. Take your Metaball to work and complete a workout over your lunch break, to a hotel room while traveling, or even to the beach to get a workout and a tan. Basically, wherever you are, your Metaball is there and ready to help you get in the best shape of your life. As part of the package, you'll also receive the Signature Moves Chart, which you can take with you for a quick and easy full body workout.

  • How much space will I need?

    You will only need 6 x 6 feet of space to do the Metaball System workouts. A typical space would be between your TV and the couch in your living room.

  • Do you offer International Shipping?

    Yes! Due to the high volume of shipping, we have secured a deal for International Shipping with our carrier at reduced rates that we pass onto our customers. Our International Shipping supplier has granted a World Flat Shipping rate for each different package. What we cannot control is the Customs & Duties and Taxes for each country. If you would like us to provide an estimate of this cost, please email us at and we can provide an estimate. Customer's are responsible for their own Customs & Duties and Taxes.

  • How is Metaball different from other gym equipment?

    Metaball replaces kettlebells, dumbbells, push up bars, and medicine balls. The Metaball is a complete gym inside a simple ball, but the ball is anything but ordinary. To enhance your results, the Metaball opens with a push of a button allowing you to load weights to the ball by 2.5lb increments to your desired resistance weight based on your fitness level. The Metaball itself consists of two independent spheres that rotate opposite of each other to allow for greater range of ergonomic motion in your workouts. Your Metaball replaces over $700 dollars of equipment in multiple sets of dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls and push up bars. And best of all, the Metaball is easily transportable to ensure that wherever you go, your workout goes with you!

    Metaball Highlights:

    Easily adjustable: With one simple click of the Metaball signature logo locking and release button, you can quickly change from one exercise to the next with ease, or adjust the weight by adding in the MetaWEIGHTS to your current fitness level. Easy operation means more time for workouts!
    Streamline design: While holding the Metaball, the position of your upper body and wrists are supported by the ergonomically enhanced design for comfort and proper form.
    Endless exercise possibilities: The Metaball System workouts are dynamic and fun: twist, lunge, jog, jump, spike, dribble, curl, press... the opportunities are infinite!

  • What will I get in my Metaball System order?

    - 1 Metaball (5lbs, each half 2.5lbs)
    - 2 MetaWeights (2.5 lbs each)
    - Signature Workouts DVD with 6 Signature Full Length Workouts: Athletic Fat Burner, Cardio Speed Trials, Cardio Master Burn, Upper Body Transformation, Lower Body Transformation, Sports Stretch
    - 2 bonus DVD's: ABSolute Power Workout Video and Cardio Assault Workout Video
    - 90 Day Transformation Tracker Wall Calendar so you can watch your progress
    - Signature Moves Wall Chart for quick reference
    - Body Transformation Guide (Fitness Guide) and Quick Start Weight Loss Plan ( Nutrition Guide) so you can maximize your Metaball System results!

  • How much does the Metaball weigh?

    The Metaball alone is 5 pounds, and is ergonomically designed to work with the body's natural movements so it maximizes every movement during the action packed Metaball workouts. Once you open the Metaball, each half of the Metaball weighs 2.5lbs in its shell where you can add additional weights to each half of the shell in 2.5lb weight increments.

  • What are some other Metaball System benefits?

    Turns your body into a fat torching machine: When exercising with the Metaball in your hands, the extra weight of the Metaball and it's versatility to change exercises quickly challenges your muscular and cardiovascular systems on a whole new level. As your muscles adapt and compensate to the forces placed upon them, you raise your heart rate, tone all of the major muscles and challenge your body, yielding a high calorie burn.
    Offers a full body workout, every time: As you workout with the Metaball, you engage every muscle of the body, and no muscle goes unused. As you move from one exercise to the next quickly, you are utilizing the muscles of the upper and lower body simultaneously, as well as the entire core.
    The workouts are fun! When you play sports, you don't realize you're actually workout out, right? When you workout with the Metaball System, you feel like you are actually playing sports or doing recreational activities, so you have a good time doing it. You won't realize how hard you've worked out until you're finished!
    Improves functional strength: The Metaball System workouts improve your stamina, agility and your body's motor patterns all at the same time, giving you the strength to perform everyday tasks with more ease and precision.

  • When will my Metaball Fitness System ship?

    First 500 orders will ship before the end of 2014.

  • What makes the Metaball System so effective?

    Greg Plitt worked for four years perfecting the Metaball for his workouts, and you're going to love it! The Metaball System utilizes a highly effective method called Metabolic Training mixed within High Intensity Interval Training. Metabolic Training consists of high intensity bouts of exercise followed by active rest periods to catch your breath and allow your heart rate to recover. This is an extremely efficient form of training because it accelerates your metabolism, which makes your body more efficient at burning calories and fat, even hours after your workout is over.

  • What kinds of exercises are included in the Metaball System workout DVDs?

    Throughout the Metaball System workout DVDs, you will find fun, easy to follow and highly effective moves. Built within the Metaball workout programs, Greg takes you through signature cardiovascular moves ranging from beginner techniques to more advanced techniques. No matter how advanced the moves are, Greg teaches how you can modify the moves to ensure no matter what your fitness level is, you will be able to challenge yourself to get in the best shape of your life.
    The majority of the moves are compound moves, meaning multiple muscle movements at the same time for the most effective workout in a given period of time. The exercises range from basic moves such as jumping jacks, cardio drills, squats, lunges, sit ups, crunches, push ups, and bicep curls to more advanced moves that are not only challenging, but are the first of their kind! Examples include: meat grinders, piston catchers, under dogs, spider crawls, anti-gravity presses, east west mountain climbers, soccer ball taps, jump shots, heroes, wright brothers, ski slaloms, grab and go's and others totaling over hundreds of exercises. You will also find strength and flexibility training, yoga, deep core work, balance and stability exercises, agility drills and much more. You will be having so much fun; you'll forget you are actually exercising!

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